The Logo for TOTP.

The Olde' Times Project or TOTP is a Middle-Ages based project for PMB. Fight! Conquerer! And build! Make your own kingdom.. It can be based off any Real Life kingdom or just 100% fictional! But remember nobody can actually be the Mongol Empire cause that would not be fun for most of the game with a huge empire like the Mongol's everywhere wouldn't it?... Hopefuly you get the point. So lets go on. How would you like it too be that guy with that huge golden crown ruling a kingdom with his maids and queen? Well that can be a reality in this project. But all projects need laws don't ya think? There will be a sperete page for laws later on. Ohhhhh... And don't forget your men with those swords and shields riding into the battlefield with siege-towers behind them.. But this is just the fantasy you can't forget that people can invade YOU too. More on that later lets get too the big part.. FANTASY!! We also include fantasy but no making weird alternate-realms or stuff STAY on the earth. And no making Atlantas or some epicly advanced civilzation either.