2016: End of the Apoc Project==Principality of Duklja==AidsRUS
AndorraCSWA: Confederate States of Western Australia.Cambodia
Central state of ChinaDemocratic Monarchy of EnglandDomain of Ch'ulp'o
Earth:new horizonEarth:new horizon official pageEmpires of The Dark Age
European MapEvoloution of Empires ProjectGalactic Domination
Galactic Domination: Empires ListGalactic Domination: Species ListGalactic Domination: Star Map
JapanKingdom of SicilyMakari
Most Serene Republic of GenoaNew SHITTY republic of TurdsPBS: Colonial Mini-Building Server
Papal StatesPoooooooopyPro Mini Builders Wiki
Republic of CubaRepublic of PenisesScotland
SingporeSocialist Republic of Koso-SerbiaSuck my nutsz
The Arabic Republic of TurkeyThe Central Republic of EgyptThe Holy Roman Empire
The Olde' Times ProjectThe Olde' Times Project: KingdomsThe Republic of Egyptia
United States of AmericaYou got no dicksΗ Ομάδα των Τριών-The Group of Three
File:500px-Emblem.pngFile:514px-Stemma di Genova svg.pngFile:549px-Coat of Arms of Panama.svg.png
File:553px-Coat of Arms of Siam (1873-1910).svg.pngFile:AWW YEA.jpgFile:Australia Draft.2.jpg
File:Blank europe map.gifFile:CSWA flag Draft.2.gifFile:California state flag.png
File:Cambodia.pngFile:Cambodia (1).jpgFile:Colonial Soliders.jpg
File:Cuba.jpgFile:Democratic Monarchy of English Flag.jpgFile:Early 20th Century Europe.gif
File:English Flag.jpgFile:Europe map.gifFile:Example.jpg
File:Flag-of-scotland.jpgFile:Flag.pngFile:Flag of Montenegro.svg.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:Image.jpgFile:Images-Egyptian Emblem o3o.jpg
File:Images-justice's symbol.jpgFile:Images.jpgFile:Images.png
File:Images (1).jpgFile:Imgres.jpgFile:Index.jpg
File:It sicv.gifFile:Kingdom of Sicily.pngFile:Korea.gif
File:Lk-1-.gifFile:Lol.jpgFile:Moonxels epic sci-fi.jpg
File:NRO map2.pngFile:New china.pngFile:Papal States Flag.jpg
File:Pwned.gifFile:Rising sun.gifFile:RobloxScreenShot08062012 235309224.jpg
File:S.R.K.S.gifFile:Singapore.pngFile:Stupid kid gif.gif
File:TF.gifFile:The Knight of Justice.jpgFile:The Ruined City.jpg
File:Turkish.jpgFile:TurkishFlag.gifFile:United States of America Flag 51 stars.gif

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