Welcome to the page for the EEP!

The EEP Roleplay takes place on the wall of the Pro Mini Builders, PMB, all ranks are welcome to participate.

                   How do I participate?

Well, send a PM to jedi752 stating what nation you are (And where, modern city or country). Secondly, build your capital! Start with the capital of your new city state, for example, the city state of Rome, capital - Roma. Start posting on the wall! You can use many styles, such as: [ Rome ] <Roleplay here>

[[<Roleplay Here>]]

-<Roleplay here>

I recommend the first, but you can use your own as long as it is clear you're role playing!

                 What rules are there?

Well, you can't start off with a massive country, similarly, you can't make a city the size of NYC suddenly appear in 200 BC. All players must start with a single city and no more. Major bases such as missile pads and space centres must be built in a place too. You must be a NATION not a company or corporation. Geographic events will occur on the dates they did in real life, such as Vesuvius erupted in 79AD, burying many Roman towns.

                   Where can I find what nation people are?

I will put all the nations on a wikia post weekly, (EEP - Nations List) all the ones that have PMed me will be added, anyone who is not on there is not an official recognized nation, and needs to contact me urgently.

               Basic information

Start date: 500 BC, advancing Current continents discovered by western civilisations: Europe, Central Western Asia and North Africa [Europe is however just a collection of city states]

You don't have to be a real country or within these boundaries! We will advance from ancient times slowly.


PM jedi752 for issues with this.

How will you make your cities look? It's all up to you in the EEP!