The Knight of Justice

The Symbol...

    So you've heard of the Dark Age right? The Middle Ages? The place with the knights, princesses, castles,  horses, jousts etc. This is the place to come to minibuild it! :D


Democratic Monarchy of England CplTrev00

Scotland : NateDog5400

Most Serene Republic of Genoa : BrickGuyDK

Principality of Duklja .: titanic23456

Kingdom of Sicily: shadowfoxking

Byzantium Empire : blubber23591

French Templar Knights:Gdian [[1]]

The Holy Roman Empire: [ConsulLegarus]

The Lan Xang Kingdom: NelsonPSing

Papal States : binkj

Socialist Republic of Koso-Serbia : ChristianLove

Domain of Ch'ulp'o: AlertCambodian


Democratic-Monarchy of England:42,000

Scotland: Unknown


Principality of Duklja:2,578

Kingdom of Sicily:5,000

Byzantium Empire:10,651

French Templar Nights:Unknown

The Holy Roman Empire:Unknown

The Lan Xang Kingdom: Unknown

Domain of Ch'ulp'o: 150

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